Catch-up Retirement Income

Defined Benefit Plan

High earning private judge, age 65, with limited retirement savings. Wanted to save as much as possible prior to estimated retirement at age 72.  We opened a fully insured 412(e) defined benefit plan allowing him to increase his tax-deferred contributions by 4X as compared to his SEP and help avoid most market uncertainties prior to retirement.

Fiduciary Duties

401(k) Fiduciary

Managing partner of a mid-size firm was concerned about her fiduciary obligations as both an attorney and as the Trustee of the firm's 401(k) plan.  After an independent review of her plan, we demonstrated how changing her TPA and Financial Representative to ones that provide fiduciary services could both help with her fiduciary obligation and save on fees.

Tax Efficiency

Multiple Plans

Solo practitioner, age 45, has his best year ever.  Already committed to funding a pension plan, we help him create a supplemental profit-sharing plan that allows for funding flexibility in good years and not-so-good years.




Longevity Risk

Long-Term Care

Name partner, age 53, had been unable to qualify for LTC coverage due to prior breast cancer diagnosis.  After working with multiple carriers we were able to secure a single payment policy that provides substantial monthly LTC payments if needed as well as cash value build-up and a death benefit.



*All scenarios mentioned herein are purely fictional and have been created solely for training purposes.  Any resemblance to existing situations, persons or fictional characters is  coincidental.  The information presented herein should not be used as the basis for any specific investment advice.